Beware the shopping frenzy that occurs in time sensitive sales — such as the ones that are held for only a few hours or days. Retailers design these types of sales for a reason, knowing that women tend to feed upon the frenetic energy and will throw caution to the wind and throw down the credit card too. Remember to consult the plan.

Beware of sale shopping when you need cheering up or worse yet your depressed. Retail therapy can bring disappointing if not disastrous results and is certainly not in any way using focused energy to insure a win. It’s a great way to overspend.

Beware the impulse buy. This would be the things that are not on the list and could end up in the mistake pile.

Beware of “returning malaise”. You know the jacket doesn’t fit well but you let the time expire when you could have returned it (if that’s possible where many things are final sale). After getting home and finding it doesn’t really work — get busy returning it.

Just because the price is low doesn’t mean it’s right or good for you, your closet and your most powerful presence — so shop carefully – be smart about it and remember — a bargain is not what you pay but what you receive.