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10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Image Consulting

What is Image Consulting?
Image Consulting is a process of helping you present yourself in the best possible way, so that you look your best and make positive, authentic and memorable impressions on those people and situations you come in contact with as well as those you want to attract.
If you are wanting to create success in your personal and professional life—appearance matters!
Is it only about clothes?
Your presentation is a dynamic combination of elements – consisting of clothes, accessories, grooming, color, body language, voice quality and attitude. For your most powerful presence, you want all these qualities working together. In this way, you send out a pleasing and attractive statement that helps you have the results you want in life.
What makes someone want to work with an Image Consultant?
If you are:

  • Wanting a promotion
  • Seeking a new career
  • Entering the job market for the first time
  • Hitting one of the “decade markers” (30,40,50, etc) and wanting to express a new you
  • Desiring a more authentic and powerful presence
  • Looking for love or getting married
  • Coming out of divorce and entering the dating scene again
  • Going through a life transition such as recovering from an illness, coming out of retirement, wanting to find a mate
What kinds of clients do you work with?
As an Image Consultant and personal stylist I’ve worked with people in just about every walk of life from executives, entrepreneurs, attorneys, artists, actors, newscasters, therapists and writers to housewives and non-professionals.
What about men? This sounds like a service that appeals mostly to women.
Men want to look good too — and for the whole process to be painless. They want the process of wardrobe consulting and shopping to be fast, and efficient. They know they get all this when they work with me.
Will I have to change my personal style?
My intentions is to guide you to have a style that is authentic, comfortable and serves your lifestyle and life goals. You will only change your style if you want to – or maybe you simply need help shopping and finding great resources. I’ve worked the gamut — from those who wish to reinvent themselves and go for a total transformation and make-over to those who just want the assistance and good taste to pull together a great wardrobe and look their best.
How can I work with you if I don’t live in the cites where you work?
Clients often meet me in Manhattan to work together or we can work virtually on the Internet via email and phone consultation. Through completing questionnaires and by sending a specified range of photographs —you will receive valuable feedback and be empowered to accomplish your goals.
How much does it cost to consult with you and how long does it take?
We start with a basic consultation—either in your home—or on the phone. I will need to get to know you and your lifestyle. Then we see if shopping is in order and make a plan to find what you need — and desire. I have a 2-hour minimum and that basically gets us started. Some ask isn’t it expensive and I say, think of all the mistakes in your closet. Most clients have plenty of unworn items of clothing in their closets because they didn’t have the right information about their own image and style. Most feel it wise to hire a professional who will actually help them save money in the long run. It can sound like a cliché but you will save precious time, energy and money.
How long do I need to work with an Image Consultant?
I’ve had clients that simply wanted a single closet consultation to get organized, glean some new ideas and a new perspective on themselves or merely attended a workshop. Others, I’ve had ongoing working relationships with for as long as 20 years as I manage their wardrobes and help with image adjustments to meet all of life’s many needs and transitions.
What kinds of results are possible?
Overwhelmingly clients report feeling better about themselves and have greater self-confidence. They are left with a sense of being unburdened by letting go of what no longer works or represents them. Everyone reports greater ease in getting dressed every day and less daily angst about how they look and what to wear — as well as more authenticity and sense of self expression. I call it finding “peace in the closet”. I consistently hear of increased success in my clients business and personal lives.

For more information or to schedule a complimentary initial consultation, contact Debra at 505-986-9078.