image consulting for MEN & WOMEN

wardrobe AUDITING

Experience the transformation ~
Through the simple rearrangement of minor details or a major make-over.
It’s easier than you may think!

During this 2 to 4 hour session in your home, your lifestyle and goals are assessed and an image and wardrobe plan developed that supports your goals. Personal style, proportion, color, texture, body type, posture and grooming recommendations are interwoven during this collaborative process.

As a result of this session, you will be able to maximize the wardrobe you already have, find outfits that you didn’t know were there, and create the one that brings you joy and satisfaction each time you get dressed.

Clients Report:

  • Greater confidence about what works and what is needed.
  • Feeling much lighter and unburdened by letting go of what wasn’t working.
  • Less angst and more calm and clarity—referred to as finding peace in the closet.

personal wardrobe consultantpersonal SHOPPING

Experience the ease of shopping with a true professional who holds your vision and resourcefully fulfills the needs and desires unearthed during your consultation. Staying within a pre-determined budget, we work together to make your shopping experience enjoyable, efficient and educational.

The pre-shopping is done for you so that you simply enter a dressing room full of clothes pulled specifically for you, which eliminates wasted time and energy — and is truly a luxurious experience.

Clients Report:

  • Being relieved to shop once a season and have a wardrobe that works for all occasions.
  • Saving valuable time and money by avoiding costly mistakes.
  • Sheer pleasure of knowing you’re dressed appropriately and looking your best.

training and CONSULTING


Workshops, Seminars, and Lectures

complimentary initial CONSULTATION

Have your most pressing fashion or image questions ready for Debra in this 20 minute phone session. Receive a taste of Debra’s easy style and generous ideas that can impact your style immediately. Explore the possibilities and see if consulting with Debra could be right for you.