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Training Session

Debra Cox is a dynamic image coach and trainer, who for over 20 years has been creating and leading programs to meet the needs of groups, organizations, corporations and colleges. She brings educational, enlightening and entertaining image related information to the group format.

Topics include:

  • Appearance Matters — Is Yours Sending the Right Message?
  • 10 Best Ways to Sabotage Your Powerful Presence — Image Tips for a Better You (lecture)
  • Manifest Your Powerful Presence — A Workshop To Empower Your Personal Presentation
  • Looking the Part — A Personal Presentation Skills Seminar (lecture)
  • Beyond the Voice — Personal Presentation  Skills for Coaches
  • Being Ahead of the Curve — Presentation Skills for Creative Professionals
  • Does Your Image Mean Business? Marketing Yourself for Success
  • The Art of Business Casual Dressing
  • The Men’s Approach to Dressing Well
  • Building a Wardrobe that Works
  • Dressing for Love — Be a Success at attracting the Opposite Sex
Debra’s workshops offer reality based information for women and men who want to learn to manage their impression. The commentary is interactive, fun and useful. It’s a great update for anyone particularly if they regularly meet the public.” 
Mary Ellen Merrigan

Public Relations Consultant, Merrigan and Associates