Rules of Self Expression

Have you noticed that all the rules of fashion have been turned upside down in recent years? For instance, white has become an acceptable year round color (out with the “Labor Day” rule!) and pant styles are left to your personal preference and whim. Can you even think back to the time when we awaited directives from the fashion magazines about the correct color and skirt length for the season? And what about handbags and shoes matching? Jeans in the office? Multiple shirts and bottoms at the same time? You’ll be pressed to find a hard and fast rule anymore so it seems to be boiling down to something called self expression.

Yes, you’ve heard of it—having to do with wearing what looks good on you, accenting your best features and disguising the rest. Feeling good in your clothes and like the person you know yourself to be. We seem to have been set free to to do our own thing —though, without the rules there can be a sense of chaos or intense casual-ness—as he case may be. Here’s the rub — without all the rules to gauge whether we’re in or out of fashion, there are bound to be plenty of people looking like they’ve lost their way or their fashion footing. So, seasonally, we are given a list of “must haves” to abide by to help us stay fresh, modern and on the path.

I find that is where the balance lies — in knowing how to express a true individual style, and at the same time, be modern and updated. Women can no longer be dictated to (except it seems when it comes to handbags — and I happen to believe that it’s just a matter of time before there is a complete uprising over their escalating prices) and told what to wear season after season. Case in point, there is much resistance to giving up low rise pants for something from the past called — a waistband, and that we’re told is making a comeback. So they’re giving us both! The fashion industry is at long last learning to follow us around —i nstead of the reverse.

Even more important, is tuning into your own beauty and following that around. By wearing your best colors instead of the ones the designers decided would be hot. And knowing that accenting the most attractive part of one’s leg is the purpose of a skirt length and a pant that makes your lower half look sublime is definitely the way to go.

So revel in the lack of rules and the amount of inventiveness that is now available—the only trick is how to do it well and not look—well… ridiculous as we interpret fashion as best we can for ourselves—which is where the Image Consultant comes in. Having an “objective eye” and fashion coach in your corner, who knows you, your lifestyle, goals, and needs—is an invaluable asset. Who ever said that we should have to do this alone?

At the end of the day, what really matters is feeling good about how you look and the deep knowing that BEAUTY DOES RULE and finding and owning yours. Perhaps the only “rule” is being true to yourself.

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