Sale Shopping

Save money, avoid mistakes and be sure the bargain isn’t buying YOU.

A bargain is not what you pay but what you receive . If it’s all about the price – then the bargain is buying you, and not the other way around. The key question to ask yourself is — do you love it enough or is it classic, useful or needed enough that you would buy it a full price? If the answer if no, then you’re under the powerful influence of the deal and not making a smart, rational buying decision.

One of the reasons that many people lack the pulled together look that comes from having a great wardrobe, or as I like to say in my presentation about how we sabotage our powerful presence, is incessant bargain shopping. Don’t get me wrong, I like to save money like anyone else but being too committed to the bargain can be a classic way to have what I like to call, a rag-tag-fleet of clothing, instead of a coordinated wardrobe that you love and that you look and feel great in.

Let’s face it, sales are inherently packed with all the leftovers that others rejected and why should you be taking home anything less that great? I tell my clients that these clothes, accessories or stuff are here at the end of the season for a reason. Likely because of fit, style and color problems – so you must be rigorous in determining if it’s mere overstock or if it is problematic. If so, back on the rack it goes! This year there could be more overstock, given the slow holiday shopping season.

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